Camping site
When it comes to campsite, nobody does it better than Samawati. Discover camping in complete comfort, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a space where to pitch your tent. Our family friendly site is ideally setup for camping holiday. Whether you’re looking for basic facility or all singing all dancing holiday, you’re sure to find it at Samawati campsite.
Have you always wanted to camp but didn’t want the hassle of pitching a tent? Look no further, now you can enjoy a hassle-free night away glamping in our cozy, eco-friendly area of outstanding beauty overlooking Lake Ol’bolossat and Aberdare hills. We have 3 x glamping available for guests to enjoy a stay with us.

Site facilities
Picnic areas
Outside dining tables
Toilets and warm shower block
Local walking trails
Free car parking

Toilet/shower Block
Toilet block – Male: 2x Adult, 2 x Children, 3 x Urinal Adult, 2 x Children, 1x Disabled.
Shower – Male: 2 x Adult, 1 x Disabled, 2 x children.
Changing room – Male: 2x Adult, 1 x children
Toilet/shower Block
Toilet block – Female: 3 x Adult, 2 x Children, 3 x 2 x Children, 1x Disabled.
Shower – Female: 2 x Adult, 1 x Disabled, 2 x children.
Changing room – Female: 2 x Adult, 1 x children
Below is a list of things we think you should bring to make your stay more enjoyable. Please note this is not an exhaustive list:
• Travel insurance
• Weather appropriate clothing
• Cooking equipment: pots/pans/crockery/cutlery/barbecue utensils etc
• Extra blankets/hot water bottles
• A torch
• Fire lighters/matches/charcoal for the barbecue
• Logs for your campfire Available on site at an extra cost.
• Insect repellent
• Toiletries
• Cool box
• Camp chairs

Everyone has different needs on holiday and these rules enable everyone to enjoy our site equally.
Check-in 10.00am
Check-out 10.30am

General rules
• Please leave all facilities as you would wish to find them.
• No climbing, defacing, or burning branches of trees allowed.
• Please drive slowly through the campsite
• Smoking is not allowed inside any of the glamping/tents.
• Do not litter the campsite, please use bins provided.
• All children under the age of 16 must be always supervised and accompanied by a suitable adult/parent/legal guardian.
Noise and Behaviour
The noise restriction applies from 22.30-07.30. This means no loud music, stereos, musical instruments, shouting, singing, or any significant noise that disturbs the stay of others.
Any behaviour that the management deems to be anti-social, disruptive, or abusive towards staff or other guests on the site will not be tolerated and you and your party will be asked to leave immediately, and no refund will be given.

Fire Policy
• Use of fire pits is entirely at your own risk; you hold full responsibility for your fire.
• Fires must only be made in existing fire pits or designated areas.
• Please do not move the fire pits.
• Your fire must not be left unattended at any time.
• Please ensure your fire is extinguished before going to sleep.
• Disposable BBQs must not be placed directly on the grass.
• No candles inside accommodations

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